Demi Lovato: Tired at home and Fan Meeting

Rachel E. and Victoria D. met Demi Lovato in New York City at her hotel on sunday after Bamboozle. The said: ‘She came up to us and she was soo nice we were talking about Twitter with her and Bamboozle and she looked absolutely amazing!’ After some people said she would be mean because she didn´t showed up at her two fans in front of her hotel we can say that Demi IS nice! She was tired 😦


From Alexandra: I attended the Bamboozle Music Festival this year at East Rutherford NJ. Before Honor Society got on, Demi I walked on to go stand on the side and listen, as she got on people screamed ‘I love you’ but there were other girls screaming, ‘Demi, you’re so ugly!’  These girls kept calling her all types of names, like really bad ones. She just ignored it and smiled a lot. Demi is also super pretty in person, she was on her phone a lot and having a good time.’


After the “Bamboozle” she caught a flight at the LAX airport. Sleepy!



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