Miley Cyrus and Gregg Sulkin

Miley Cyrus has grown increasingly close to British actor Gregg Sulkin in recent weeks, reports Daily Star. Miley met Gregg at a party thrown by Disney studios earlier this year:

After hitting it off they have kept in touch and met up for their first dinner date while she was in London to promote her new Hannah Montana movie. One friends said: ‘Miley thinks Gregg is just awesome.

She’s taking it one step at a time but they both would love to make a proper go of it. They are still really very young. It’s all quite sweet, really. The thing with Justin wasnÌt that serious, but with Gregg it could be for keeps.’

Miley, who vows she wonÌt have sex before she gets married, is keeping in touch with Gregg by e-mail and phone after returning to Los Angeles. He quickly picked up roles in Channel 4’s Man On The Moon and Disney’s As The Bell Rings, a role that soon had LA-based agents lining up to meet him.

An insider said: ‘Gregg is really going places. He’s being talked of as Britain’s version of High School Musical star Zac Efron, he is going to be huge. On both sides of the Atlantic there are directors and producers queueing up to have him in their TV shows and movies.’




  1. jasmine woods Said:

    i think that they are cute but i think that selena gomez is grate with him

  2. cadence Said:

    dose Miley want to have sex with Gregg Sukin?

  3. Taylor Atkins Said:

    Miley Cyrus And Gregg Sulkin Should not “hook up”

  4. selena Said:

    selena gomez makes a perfect couple with gregg miley is just a no no they miley and gregg r not made for each other
    srry miley

  5. it all fake see the arm around miley, it looks it has a long sleeve shirt but gregg has short sleeves so it is photo shopped or it could be as some say edited people [oh and sorry it looks like i’m a know-it-all] [i’m not a know-it-all] [and i’m trying not to be a know-it-all but i wanted to observe closer and then i noticed that] so again i’m not a know-it-all and i’m not trying to be a know-it-all.

    Thank You

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