“Lollipops and Rainbows” 2009

Like you all know “Lollipops and Rainbows” Foundation was at CityWalk on Saturday afternoon in Universal City, Californien. Here are some memories:

Noah Cyrus and BFF and cousin Emily Grace Reaves lean on each other as they arrive at the launch of the Lollipops and Rainbows Foundation. The 9-year-old lil’ sis of Miley and Emily, 8, got dolled up in big tutu skirts and bright colored leggings. The Lollipops and Rainbows Foundation, which was founded by Emily, is dedicated as a tribute to Emily’s grandfather Dave Reaves who came up with the idea — lollipops symbolize the power of youth; rainbows symbolize beauty of the colors — 10 years ago.


Legally Blondes stars Milly and Becky Rosso and Brittany Curran step out at the launch of the Lollipops and Rainbows Foundation. Brittany, 18, even cozied up to Jonathan Morgan Heit on the red carpet.

Milly and Becky recently spoke to WZAP Radio host Zach Sang about their new flick and getting the mean girl treatment in school. They shared, “We’ve been moved several times, in England and here in California, and there was this mean girl who was so upset when we ran faster than her one week in PE that she formed the ‘I Hate Milly and Becky Club.’ Everyone in the class was invited to join except for us. At the time it was very hurtful and, for a while, every day we sat on our own at lunch in the cafeteria. We heard them whispering about us and laughing at us. But sometimes no one would talk to us in the whole day. So we definitely know what it’s like to have the popular girl hate us.”


Samantha Droke keeps it cute and comfy. The 21-year-old Princess Protection Program mean girl was most recently seen at An Evening of Electric Youth to benefit Gibson Girl on Tuesday evening.




  1. Stephanie MA Said:

    oh my god Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves look so CUTE!!!!!!!

    Miley and Becky looks so preety i like their hair.OMG Sorry about the mean girls. :[

  2. Anonymous Said:


  3. Anonymous Said:


  4. .Lilly.xD Said:

    Noah and Becky is look so good 😉 Noah’s smile is sweet ;** I like her sister – Miley . She have got nice voice . Do you know but I from Poland . I don’t know what I write . Ohh … I’m stupid .!

  5. Erin Said:

    i love noah shes soooooo cute but miley is a bad influence on her so i feel sorry for her

  6. Anonymous Said:

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  11. Anonymous Said:

    ay se creen mucho y no son nada jajajajaja noah escuincla loser

  12. naomi paola Said:

    noah dame tu correo porfa me muero por abar con tigo pero e espanish

  13. Miley Said:

    hola chicas me encanta miley y toda su family los amo cyrus mi msn es alme_miley@hotmail.com la que quiera q me agrege solo si son fans de Miley bye

  14. Noah Said:

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  16. may Said:

    hi love u girls u sexy fine lets have sex

  17. Anonymous Said:

    fuck you all

  18. SheisLesley Said:

    Noah is the best!

  19. I am sleeping Said:

    Pourquoi il n’y a que des blondasses?

  20. I am sleeping Said:

    I love this all star converses! (sex)

  21. faride Said:

    noah and miley the both of a nice and so lovely i love very much miley she is very lovely and great ohhhhhh i hope to see miley

  22. emo girl Said:

    hiiiiiiiiii every body miley and noah very nice but miley is a better becuese she is older than noah and very lovely i like her i love you every body oh this is my id (emotions38) i happy to see your name in my contact oh actualy iam not a real emo.byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. gossip girl Said:


  24. dorriane Said:

    i love you emylie and noah i like pets and you bye miss

  25. gerson Said:

    esas 2 xikas estan muy lindas son muy guapas asi como miley cyrus y selena gomez y quiero caonfesar q soy gay te amo yanira pero a mo mas a danny conchasumare carajo mierda t engañe yanira jajaj

  26. yo yo ppl!!….DeathAngel talking!
    y’all keep on being nice eh? lol well Some of you!!!!!!!!
    luv my pepz and i hope y’all luv me
    🙂 😉

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