Miley Cyrus: New Photshoot!

Miley did an amzing photoshoot. Here the pics:




  1. maar Said:

    love miley xD

  2. maar Said:

    you’re my favourite miley,..
    you rOCK!
    love ya,,.

  3. kat Said:

    love this photo shoot! she is soo awesome! she inspires me everyday!
    these pics show that she can be goofy and be serious at the same time! 😀

  4. natasha Said:

    she is gorgeous, its unbelievable! she has no idea how lucky she is! her hair is just breath taking here :L x love you miley! xx

  5. Anonymous Said:

    i love yu miley cyrus!! yu´r just the best!!BIG THING

  6. hiipppeee Said:


  7. jana88 Said:

    miley ist cool thr photos a geilo

  8. jack Said:

    想要把精液射在你脸上和嘴里 你喜欢吗

  9. ana Said:

    hi i am ana i love you miley crus you are my idol
    i realy want to know you sow much beter
    look my id:ana.calin90
    love you:X:X:X

  10. ronja Said:

    miley, you are the most beautiful girl in the world and i just want ya to know: U R THE BEST ACCTRESS AND SINGER IN THE WORLD

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