Miley´s Brothers!

Sad article from UK’s Mirror about Miley Cyrus‘ half brother Christopher Cody, 17. Christopher work part-time in an electronics store for £5 an hour [$7.50], and relies on his mother to give him lifts to school, while his sister Miley is worth £17 million [About $32 million].

Although there are just eight months between them and they share the same father, they are worlds apart. Christopher on his last meeting with Miley in Fort Worth, Texas, November 2007:

‘While she was on stage I was watching her from the sidelines. Afterwards we spent 20 minutes in her bus. Her voice is fantastic and I’m very proud of my sister.’

Christopher is disappointed he does not have a closer relationship with the Cyrus family and said it ‘sucked’ being excluded from a reality show with them. He read out a string of text messages between him and Billy Ray, which began last Christmas Day with Christopher texting: ‘Merry Christmas.’

He got a reply on January 4 from Billy saying: ‘Hey bud, where you been? You disappeared on us.’ Christopher: ‘I replied, ‘I disappeared? You disappeared. I tried to get a hold of you.”

Miley wasn´t that sad and promoted her younger brother Braison yesterday as he was jamming with his band.


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