Jennifer Stone denies “Taylena”

Jennifer Stone, Selena Gomez´ Co-Actress in Wizards Of Waverly Place” and good friend, denies the Taylena (Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner) dating rumors:

‘Just because they’re hanging out together doesn’t mean they’re dating, you know. A lot of girls have guy friends.’  Meanwhile, Taylena have been out on several dates in Vancouver, where both have been shooting movies.

Stone says she hasn’t even met Taylor: ‘I’m a big Twilight fan though. I’m a big Robert Pattinson fan, which I know if I met Taylor, he would not be a fan of me not saying he’s my favorite, but I really do love Rob.’




  1. ACMS gril Said:

    Leave them alone mabye their just friends n dose it matter Selena Rocks

  2. Anonymous Said:

    first of all yall stupid people backk the shxt off!!! i think is their bussines not yours!!!

  3. kaFJDJSR Said:

    jennifer stone what does she know?
    she wasnt shooting ramona and beezus and isnt in canada with her!
    £20 says she’s just a jelous fat wh0re
    and if she loves rob then why is she commenting on them
    let them speak

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