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David Henrie: “Land Of The Lost” Premiere

David Henrie attended the “Land of The Lost” premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Saturday.


Taylor Swift Fans Against Joe Jonas

“When I was leaving the Taylor Swift Today Show concert I ran into these two girls who made signs about Joe. They waited out in the rain forever.. I ended up getting an autograph from Taylor, she was so nice! She gives like the best hugs ever!”


Selena Gomez: Press Beauty

Selena Gomez looks perfect as always in an off the shoulder black and white polka dot top at Disney and ABC’s Summer Press Junket in Burbank, Saturday afternoon.


Miley Cyrus: Sexy Lunch Date

Miley Cyrus, wearing a sexy pink bra under a tight white tank top, was spotted leaving lunch with her BFF Mandy Jiroux in Toluca Lake on Saturday afternoon.


Latest interesting tweets:


8 am shadow. Before hair and make up…

at hannah montana set…. im missing tennessee ALOT today 😦 going to sit at home and do absolutely nothing today. sounds like a good plan 🙂 i went from hating to obsessing! i looove lady gaga! lady gaga reminds me of hannah montana. shes like a normal songwriter/producer and then she has a double life as a popstar shes real life hm @perezhilton i dont listen to pop music much i just sing it haha! but im obsessed right now! paparatzzi is the best song ever lunch with my bestie @mandyyjirouxx i feel like crying. what happened to all you need is love? this is a doo da doo lifes good moment. plllleeeasseee vote for me for the mtv movie awards! omgosh i am a nervous wreck 😦 ahhh i need @mandyyjirouxx time mtv awards day!!! ahh omgosh please please vote for the last time 🙂

Selena Gomez: Last Girls Night

Selena Gomez spend the last girls night with co-star Joey King in Vancouver yesterday. Selena tweeted: Just spent 1 hour crying with Joey…. My last day of shooting is tomorrow. We decided to have one more girls night in the hotel. Joey King is my favorite person in the entire world. I will miss her so much. Thank you Canada for a blessed adventure. I miss the show… I can’t wait to get back to Alex. I’ve missed her sarcasm and perfectly dysfunctional family. Truly wonderful.


Demi Lovato: Vacation

From Kayla and Riley: “We saw Demi at LAX around 10:00 on Friday night with her little sister and other people that looked like family. When she stepped out of the car she was carrying a giant pillow and almost dropped it when trying to get around the paparazzi. We asked for a picture really quick and she was really sweet about it. She was super tiny and looked so gorgeous in person, but at the same time she looked exhausted.”


Demi tweeted: Lameover at the airport… BUT I’m officially on vacation! WOO! This feels so weird….Another flight! Almost there….Today was incredible. Sat on the beach by myself until the sun went down.. then took the longest bath and watched 3 movies..I cried though. Changeling is incredible. It blows my mind how Angelina Jolie can do that many emotional scenes in a movie. Then I watched Bride Wars. (I know embarrassing) BUT I watched it because I miss Selena and she told me to… Haha then I cried again because I miss her@!* Now I’m watching Nights in Rodanthe.. I love Diane Lane and Richard Gere together. 😀

Is Selena Jealous Of Demi?


Did you watch “Princess Protection Program”?

Camilla Belle: À Deriva (Trailer)

Camilla Belle’s new movie À Deriva [Adrift]. A 1980s-set drama about a teenage girl undergoing her sexual awakening when she learns about her father’s infidelities. The girl thought she had the perfect family until she found out that her father, Mathias, is cheating on her mom with Camilla’s character.

Jonas Brothers: Kissing Secrets

The Jonas Brothers spilled kissing secrets to “BOP”:

How can you tell if a girl is a good kisser? Joe: “By her smile! I was hanging out with this girl and she had the best smile. The eyes and smile can tell you, how they feel about you. I think any girl that has an amazing smile is amazing!”

Should you plan ahead about kissing on a date? Nick: “If girl is too forward on a date, it’s a little bit of a problem. Just go out and have a good time, the rest will come naturally. Just be chill.”

Kiss on the first date? Kevin: “I advise waiting because you want to make sure it’s right. I’ve learned that and that’s how I live my life now.”


Jonas Brothers: “MyKindaPlace” Interview

The Jonas Brothers in an interview with “MyKindaPlace”:

What’s the best freebie you’ve ever been given? Nick: “Whenever meals are taken care of, that always a good one.” Kevin: “Yeah, sometimes we’ll go to a restaurant and people will just pick up the tab for us!” Nick: “Yeah a fan will just pick up our tab and it’s like, shocking! Our management team gave us some Rolexes as a gift for the start of our tour last year, that was cool.” Kevin: “Yeah, we get phones and stuff sometimes too. It’s cool! Who’s the most famous person in your mobile?” Joe: “Vanilla Ice?!” Kevin: “You have Vanilla Ice’s number? That’s awesome!” Joe: “Yeah we crossed paths at some point..!”

What was the last text message you received? Kevin: “Time to start interviews’ from our assistant.”

What’s the most cash you’ve ever splashed on one thing? Kevin: “We try to be wise with our money but we bought a home together, so that was pretty big!”

Nicest celebrity encounter? Kevin: “Celine Dion. She was awesome, she was so complimentary and super-sweet and super-nice.” Joe: “Matt Damon. He was so nice, he even prayed before we went on stage with us, and just hung out with us and stuff. He was so cool.”

Which celeb reality show would you do if you had no choice? Joe:” I’d do Amazing Race which is this thing in the US where you have a partner and you have 80 days to go around the entire world, and you just run with backpacks and stuff. And there’s teams of like six or seven people.” Nick: “Yeah they usually do it with like a struggling couple and it’s how they bond. It’s amazing!” Joe: “I’d do it with my best friend John.” Nick: “Yeah it’d be cool to do it with a best mate. Or we’d make quite a good team together too!”

Would you ever get your kit off and pose in the buff, and if yes, how much? N/A Tell us some juicy celeb gossip. Joe: “Nick doesn’t sleep!” Nick: “I do!” Joe: “He doesn’t sleep very much!” Nick: “No! My thing is that I’ll sleep if I get a good 12 hours or something, but if I know I’ve got to get up early in the morning I’ll just choose not to! I feel good though! He says I just walk around in my hotel room!” Joe: “You do! I’ll wake up and just see feet walking around or something!”


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